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Geoff ShawI graduated in Zoology from the University of Tasmania with majors in pure mathematics and zoology, and completed honours in Zoology.  After a period teaching maths and biology at Elizabeth Matriculation college, I returned to research, completing a PhD at Murdoch University under the supervision of Dr Marilyn Renfree, investigating the control of pregnancy in tammar wallabies. I undertook postdoctoral research in sheep reproduction at the University of Queensland before returning to work on marsupials as a National Research fellow and later a Sir Colin McKenzie Research Fellow in Comparative Anatomy, in the Department of Anatomy at Monash University. I have been at the University of Melbourne since 1991, where I have maintained an active research and teaching profile.


  • 2010 UniJobs Lecturer of the Year Award top 10 nominee at The University of Melbourne
  • 2011 UniJobs Lecturer of the Year Award top 10 nominee at The University of Melbourne
  • 2012 Faculty of Science Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (Large Class)
  • 2012 University of Melbourne Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, Teaching Excellence Awards (Biological Sciences, Health and Related Studies)
  • 2012 David White Award (for overall teaching excellence in Science, Health, Agriculture and Veterinary Science ant the University of Melbourne)
  • 2014 UniJobs Lecturer of the Year Award #1 nominee at The University of Melbourne, #8 in Australia


My research centres on mammalian reproductive physiology and development. I have studied a diverse range of species including humans, but the central focus is on marsupials. Major projects at present investigate sexual determination and differentiation, genomic imprinting, the physiology and endocrinology of birth, the uterine, hormonal and metabolic control of embryonic diapause, embryo culture, the application of artificial reproductive technologies to wildlife and endangered species and comparative aspects of lactation. I am also involved in the functional analysis of genetic information derived from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Kangaroo Genomics.  Marsupials have enormous potential as research models to contrast with data from humans and mice, and my research highlights and leverages this potential.

Students & Postdocs

Graduate students Cynthia Martin, Yu Chen, Jenni Hetz


Coordinator BIOL30001 Reproductive Physiology BIOL30002 Experimental Reproductive Physiology UNIB30004 Sex: science and the community Contributor BIOL10004 Biology of cells and organisms


Member of Academic Board Local IT expert


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