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Loading sets of images into powerpoint slides

Sometimes one may want to generate a PowerPoint slide with a set of images – for example a set of micrograph images to discuss with your colleagues (or a lovely set of your holiday photos to make your friends jealous). You can do this by manually adding each image, one by one, then resizing, repositioning, formatting …. , but there is a much quicker way. Here is a guide to automating the process. Continue reading

Fluorescence Images: Merging and optimising

If you are using fluorescence microscopy you may need to merge images taken with different filter sets – for example DAPI to pick out nuclei together with fluorescent staining with or or more specific antibodies. Commonly you will want to merge these images into a composite. Image optimisation and merging can be achieved easily using the free Fiji package with ImageJ. Continue reading

Focus stacking for photomicroscopy

A common problem with photomicrography is a section that is not totally flat so parts of it are out of the plane of sharp focus. For example here is a section with a wrinkle where a blood vessel altered the consistency of the wax and led to poor flattening of the section on the slide:microscope section with an out of focus wrinkle

When looking through the microscope we can compensate by focusing up and down, and we can do much the same with digital image processing using a “focus stack”. Here are some photos I took of the same section without moving the stage, but with a series of focus steps from furthest to nearest (I am showing every second image, to save space whilst giving you the idea… starting with image 1 above… Continue reading